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Hi! I’m Greg and I like furniture. When I went to buy a  chair and a half, I noticed there wasn’t any centralized way to browse through them, which was frustrating. So, I made a website to make it easy!

For your convenience, I have sorted the chair and a halfs into five categories – rockers, recliners, leather, sleepers, and with an ottoman included. I even wrote a review for each individual one. Scroll down to get started! I hope this helps you pick out your next chair and a half. Any of the options below are excellent buys – take it from the furniture guy!

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With Ottoman

Note: Check price and scroll down to “Frequently Bought Together” for the chair + ottoman price.


What Is A Chair And A Half?

When you think about seating, chairs or couches are what come to your mind. Did you know there is another option called “chair and a half”? This chair is bigger than a regular chair but smaller than a double seat or a love seat. It is bigger both in width and depth, when compared to a regular chair. This lets you sit with your feet up, cuddled comfortably. Whether you want to catch up on that reading or just hang out, this chair and a half gives you the perfect seating to do so.

There are different types of “chair and half”. Some of them are…


This chair allows you to recline and relax during a match or just to sip your drink at the end of a long day. It is the perfect piece of furniture for you when there is a big game in the TV that you don’t want to miss, and not get a sore back or neck at the same time. It is more than a regular recliner as it is more spacious. If you are not a person who enjoys cuddling up, you can use the extra room to store your popcorn or even your remotes instead of a table.


This piece of furniture is just perfect to cuddle up with or without a partner for movie night. It is the perfect size, cosy and doesn’t occupy much space in the room. It is smaller than a bed but gives you more room than a couch. If you need more furniture in addition to your bed, in your bedroom, you should consider this. This will not only be the place where you relax apart from your bed, it can also serve as an extra bed when you have that big gang of family or friends, over.


Do You Love reading out to your child? Story time is the special time with your child? This glider chair and a half is just perfect for you to cuddle up with your little wonder while you read them their favourite story for the hundredth time. This chair can also be used by moms-to-be or new moms when they nurse the baby or just sit and watch their new bundle of joy sleep peacefully.

You can have a glider chair and a half with a reclining back, a swivel base or with an ottoman. However, this type of a chair and a half can only be used for a short period of time. It can later be used as an additional piece in your living room or even your bedroom.

With Ottoman

Chair and a halfs come with an ottoman that can be used to stretch out your legs and relax. It can also be used as an extra seat when you have company. These ottomans come with storage space which is a huge benefit for those with space constraints or who don’t like those books cluttered on the table.


The only difference here is that the chair and a half is made of leather or faux leather. These are more expensive, but also more luxurious. Expect to pay around $1,000 for faux leather and $3,000+ for real leather – most homeowners opt for faux leather. The options we have available above are indistinguishable from real leather.

The Chair and a Half Buying Guide – Questions to Ask

Do you have a favorite chair? A chair which is the perfect spot for movie night, the big game, nightly story reading and just all-around relaxation? If you don’t have a chair like that in your home, isn’t it time you did? Many people live with uncomfortable furniture… but they don’t have to. A chair and a half can be a perfect solution to roomy, comfy relaxation.

Buying an indoor chair, such as one for your living room or rec room, can seem like a daunting experience. After all, money and logistics prevent you from easily swapping out a chair if you buy one you don’t like. You need to shop smart and buy just once.

Fortunately, we’re here to help. We’ll show you what to look for in a chair, what to avoid and how to find a chair which will last. We’ve even got nine great recommendations!

Don’t worry if your budget is small. We’ve got plenty of tips on how to get the most chair for your dollar. So pull up a seat and check out our considerations below.

Who Will Be Using the Chair?

First, you need to be clear about your living situation. Who will be sitting – and possibly climbing and standing – on this chair? Many shoppers make the mistake of buying furniture for the lifestyle they wish they had, such as one where the pets aren’t allowed on the furniture and the kids never spill. Instead, realistically assess what this new chair will be subjected to.

How Long Do You Want to Use this Chair?

A chair is almost never intended for short-term use. But you might not need every chair to last forever. Some chairs are meant to be used for a few years and then passed on to a child going off to college or similar situation. If your chair doesn’t need to be in top condition for decades, you can save some money by buying a more mid-range model.

On the other hand, a well-made chair is often the better value. While the up-front cost can be high, a chair made with top quality wood, upholstery and other materials can last for many generations. We’ll show you how to identify which materials will last. You want to pay for quality, not just brand name.

How Will Delivery and Removal be Handled?

Chances are you’ll have an existing chair you’ll want to get rid of. Many people prefer to post their item online for sale. After all, why not make a few extra bucks?

Most delivery services will take away your old chair when they’re dropping off the new one. But there’s usually an added fee for this service. Obviously, it’s better to make a little money then spend it, so you might want to try selling your old chair.

Online services, including social media platforms, are great places to post about your sale. Here’s where planning and patience can give you the edge. If you aren’t in any particular hurry to buy a new chair, you can take your time when selling your old one.   

How Much Space Do You Have?

Measure and then measure again. This is especially important when buying furniture online. You want to make sure your new chair will fit into the space you have.

While a big chair is often very comfortable, you’ll be very annoyed if that chair is too big for the room. Even been in a situation where you have to step around an oversized piece of furniture every time you enter or leave a room? That can grow very tiresome very quickly. You want to avoid a chair which is too big for the room, even if that chair seems perfect otherwise.  

7 Tips for Finding a Chair

Hopefully you have a good sense of where your chair will go, who will use it and what amount of space you’re working with. Now you can start looking at chairs. There are a lot of chairs on the market, however. In order to narrow down your search, follow these seven guidelines:

  1. Only Buy What You Need

Unless you have an unlimited budget, you’ll want to get the most of whatever chair you choose. This means choosing a chair suitable for the space you have, as we discussed above. But this also means avoiding any features which you won’t use.

If you don’t have enough space for a chair to recline comfortably, you’ll probably want to avoid a recliner altogether. Likewise, if you don’t plan on ever using an in-seat fridge, massage capabilities or similar additions, you’ll probably want to avoid paying extra for chairs with those features.

Trends will come and go. You’re likely not going to update your furniture with each season. Instead, you want your furniture to look as timeless as possible. This often means subdued, classic styles and colors.

  1. Make a Statement Unique to You

There’s no shortage of info about interior design. While there are certainly tips and tricks to make your furniture look good, don’t be afraid of your own taste and judgement. Don’t be overly concerned with the latest trends in design. Instead, buy a chair which you like. Personal style is what makes a house a home.   

  1. Don’t Forget Comfort

There are a lot of great looking chairs out there. But remember: great furniture is a combination of form and function. If your chair looks cool but is uncomfortable to sit in, that probably doesn’t make it a very good buy. Luckily, the chair and a halfs on our list at the start of this page are all very comfortable – and very good buys!

Along the same lines, make sure any additional features work well. This includes drawers which glide easily and drawer pulls which are securely attached. Remember, if you love the chair, you’ll likely use these accessories thousands of times. Quality construction prevents damages down the road.  

  1. Choose Eco-Friendly Materials

If all things are equal, wouldn’t you rather buy a piece of furniture which was made using environmentally-friendly methods? Aside from production, you want furniture built using materials which won’t cause allergies or irritations to you or your family. While this is rare, it’s also a real possibility. The most common causes of problems are harsh chemicals in the filling and harsh treatments to the wood.

Fortunately, eco-friendly furniture is a popular and growing trend. You can easily find chairs which are made with a minimal impact on the earth. Most of the chair and a half options above are eco-friendly – we care about the environment in our household.

  1. Add Some Accessories

You don’t need to be Martha Stewart in order to effectively use accessories. Throw pillows, curtains, rugs and more are an easy way to completely change the look and style of a room. Small, inexpensive items are easier to swap in and out each season than heavy pieces of furniture.

If you’re going to decorate with accessories, select a chair with a subdued style. This means one with muted colors and simple, plain patterns. A chair with a simple style will blend in well with a wide variety of colorful accessories.  

  1. Eliminate Clutter

Clutter makes rooms feel smaller and furniture seem more worn. While keeping your home completely clutter-free might be impossible, the furniture you choose can help keep clutter to a minimum. If clutter is an issue, look for chairs with hidden storage areas. A small compartment built into the side of your chair can help keep the entire room clutter-free.

  1. Spend Your “Chair and a Half Money” Wisely

Before you buy, set a budget for your chair and a half and don’t go over it. There’s practically no limit to what you can conceivably spend on furniture. Setting a budget beforehand is a good way to avoid spending more than you can afford.  

At the same time, you do want to buy the highest quality furniture you can afford – especially if you want that furniture to last for a lifetime. Generally speaking, higher quality materials translate to higher costs. But in the long run, this higher cost can be worth it.

The Perfect Chair and a Half is Almost Yours…

First, you determined your needs. Then you considered some tips about finding chairs in general. Now it’s time to find the perfect chair just for you. Here’s what to do:

Get Physical!

The best prices are almost always going to be found online. But how a chair feels is at least just as important as how it looks. There are two solutions here.

  1. Browse in the Store, Shop on the Web

Visit your local brick-and-mortar store and sit in as many chairs as you like. You certainly won’t be the only customers who will then compare the in-store selection to what’s available online.

In most cases, you’re going to find a larger selection and lower prices online. But browsing in-person is a great way to figure out what you like. Try to feel a variety of materials. The more you understand about materials and stuffing types, the more useful online product descriptions will be.

  1. Inspect the Finish

The finish is a good indicator of the overall health and quality of the chair. Be suspicious of any finish which is too rich, even or deep. This could be a sign the finish is there primarily to cover up flaws.

If the chair has a translucent finish, look for an even grain to show through. With an opaque finish, look for an even consistency. This means no bubbles or visible brush strokes.

If the chair has wicker or rattan, you want to look for any splinters or damaged ends. A high quality wicker chair will have a tight, uniform weave.

  1. Look at the Cushions

There’s a major difficulty you’ll encounter when buying furniture. Namely, no furniture seller is going to let you cut the item in half before you buy it. This is understandable but unfortunate – because a cross-section of a piece of furniture is a great way to judge the quality.

Checking the cushions is an effective (and less damaging) alternative. If the cushions are well-made, you can have at least some confidence in the parts of the couch you can’t see. Look for buttons and other details which are securely attached. Make sure all the corners and curves are well-fined. Also, avoid any cushions which seem to leak feathers.

  1. Check “Under the Hood”

Along the same lines as a cushion inspection, you’ll also want to check the general underside of the couch. Lift up the cushions and look around. Are there any loose screws, obvious springs or other signs of poor construction? Is the welting and stitching straight? Are all the nuts, screws and bolts the same color and style?   

Since you’re looking at the “backstage” part of the couch, you don’t need to see perfection. But you do want to see solid, secure and consistent construction.

  1. Understand the Exact Placement

Don’t buy a chair with the intention of simply placing it “somewhere” within the room. Instead, determine the exact location beforehand. This will influence the type of chair you purchase.

For instance, if the chair will sit in front of a sunny window, you’ll need to select appropriate fabric. Repeated sun exposure will fade patterns and colors. So in this case you’ll want something with a darker, solid color.   

  1. Treat Leather with Care

Many quality chairs have leather upholstery. While leather looks nice and feel very comfortable, there are a few special care instructions you’ll need to follow.  

Top-grain leathers will last longer. These include aniline, semi-aniline and pigmented leathers. These types of leathers will often have a unique look which develops over time, similar to the appearance of a well-worn leather jacket.

Leather must be kept out of direct sunlight and away from strong heat sources. You’ll want to use a dry cloth and a vacuum in order to keep your leather chair clean. Avoid liquid cleaning products – even water! Only use cleaning products which are specifically made for use on leather.  

Our Chair and a Half Recommendations

Here are nine great chairs we recommend. These are general options. You can see our sorted options (leather, rockers, recliners, sleepers, and ones with ottomans) at the start of the page. But if you’re not sure where to start shopping, start with these:

  1. Simmons Upholstery Phoenix Mocha Cuddler Recliner

This comfy chair is perfect for two. The Simmons Upholstery Phoenix recliner has fully padded chaise arms and legs, pub back with a top stich and is covered in ultra-soft distressed bomber jacket cover. Built on a solid hardwood frame with a handle-activated recline.

Comfortably fits two. Cuddle up with that special someone for a romantic night in front of the fire. Or all the kids can sit together and watch the latest Pixar adventures.

Of course, the extra space isn’t limited to just other people. These chairs are also perfect for hanging out with your favorite four-legged friend. They also work great for hobbyists; keep your knitting bag or laptop with easy reach.   

  1. Dorel Asia Double Rocker, Dark Taupe

As relaxing as a traditional rocking chair only one and a half times wider. Perfect for story time with the kids! This chair will last for generations with sturdy construction, 100% polyester fabric and two-toned contrast welting. The padded seat cushions and seat back are thick and comfy. Neutral tones make this chair a great fit just about anywhere. Plus, the rocker feet are made from solid wood which ensures a smooth rocking experience on practically any type of surface.  

  1. Contemporary Lexi Cobblestone Chair and a Half

This chair and a half combines form with function. The flowing artistry of the Lexi Cobblestone upholstery features sweeping arms, soft pillows and inviting earth tones. If you like this chair, many matching furniture pieces are also available.

  1. Your Zone Flip Chair (Black)

A flip chair is great for kids, guests and anyone looking for something a little different. As with all Your Zone products, this chair is completely adjustable. Use as a chair, futon or even a flat bed. Easily interconnects with other Your Zone furniture.

Made entirely of soft, pillow-like material, the flip chair is comfortable in every setting. While the bad is pretty too small for adults, it’s perfect for children and teens. Two younger children could probably sleep side-by-side on the futon. A fun twist on a traditional comfy chair.

  1. Alfred Tufted Grey Fabric Chair

Add a touch of class to any room with this grey fabric chair. Although the tufted back and bronze-studded perimeter look formal, this chair is actually very comfortable. Perfect for both reading and pleasant conversation.

The soft, grey fabric and hardwood frame is classic and tasteful. Plus, the hardwood frame is stable and strong. This chair is capable of lasting for generations with minimal care.

  1. Hogan Mocha Contemporary Press Back Chaise

After you sink into this chair, you’ll never want to leave. From the plush bustle back to the thick pillow-top arms, this recliner will cradle you in comfort. Even the style is calm and relaxing with warm, earth-toned upholstery. This is the chair everyone will want to try out as soon as they enter your living room.

This recliner is great for anyone who wants to stretch out and take a nap. The reclining mechanism features almost infinite positions. Does not recline completely flat, although it does come close. Also takes up very little wall space when reclined.  

  1. Ashley Masoli Leather Oversized Swivel Accent Chair in Mocha

Trust Ashley Furniture for contemporary classics. The Masoli upholstery swivel features a two-tone design, faux leather upholstery and stylish stitching. Sink into the AHFA standard cushion cores. Each one is constructed with low melt fiber wrapped over high-quality foam.

This chair is durable and easy to clean. Most stains can simply be wiped off with a warm, damp cloth. The Ashley Masoli is a great choice for high traffic areas and homes with kids.    

  1. Parcal Estates – Basil Chair and a Half with Ottoman Set 2pcs

This chair adds a warm, inviting look to any living room. The soft upholstery covers set-back rolled arms and plush seating cushions. The Basil collection has a timeless style and solid construction which will last for generations.

Also included is an ottoman. When paired with this chair and a half, you’ll have plenty of space to stretch out and relax. This chair is priced on the high end, but the extra cost is used for quality construction materials.

  1. Contemporary Mocha Hogan Wall Wide Seat Recliner

This chair is so comfortable it can double as a cure for insomnia. The reasons are obvious: thick pillow-top arms, plush bustle back design and soft upholstery. But comfort isn’t all this recliner offers.

The stylish, contemporary design fits right into both classic and modern styles of décor. Warm earth-colored tones compliment most existing color schemes. Oversized, durable and with a great look, this chair will look right at home anywhere.  

The Perfect Chair for Any Situation!

Pretty much all high quality chairs are going to be pretty comfortable. But you need more than simply comfort if you’re going to buy a chair which you’ll be happy with for years to come. In order to buy the right chair quickly, you’ll need to do a little preparation.

First, develop a realistic understanding of what stresses the chair and a half will face. This might be kids, pets or simply heavy use. Once you know who will be using the chair, you then need to know where the chair will be located. Heavy sun exposure requires certain upholstery materials, for instance.

Your next step is to review all the various types of chair and a halfs on the market. Identify which features you need and which ones you don’t. The better prepared you are, the easier chair shopping will be. By following the tips above, you can quickly find the perfect chair for your needs.